ShadowMonsterBear Stops You on 4th Street!

Written by Deborah Glovier — September 22, 2013


If this doesn't make you smile when you exit the 101 South at 4th Street, I don't know what will!
This morning I got to go hang out with ShadowMonsterBear and take photos with her new mural. She recently teamed with Vyal One and the students from his aerosol class at Self Help Graphics to create this bright and fun wall.
I've known "ShadowMonsterBear" since before she was a "ShadowMonsterBear"! We have been friends and neighbors for years, even though she's moved around a bit, she keeps coming back to the Arts District. This girl is a true example of focusing and finding your path!  She's got a pretty cool story to tell and I am sure you will be hearing more about it soon!
ShadowMonsterBear has also recently been seen on the Corporate walls at UnIncorporated, where Leo the Lion took on the wall!
ShadowMonsterBear also likes to ensure you are aware of your surroundings! She will often leave "gifts of art" in the form of an animal watching over you and a quote to make you smile. If you happen to find one of these "gifts" it sure is your Lucky Day! You might even want to go play the Lottery...not even kidding, they are the true Diamonds in the Rough! ;)
Stay Tuned for more from ShadowMonsterBear! And while you are at it, join her on Instagram @ShadowMonsterBear you might even find clues to hidden art!

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