Said the Native American to the White Man...

Written by Deborah Glovier — June 17, 2013

What is going in in today's world is not much different that what happened to the Native Americans. The settlers came and befriended the "Indians" because the Settlers needed them...then the settlers killed them and took their land.

Cowboys&Butterflies believes in all things GOOD and holds a high value on Ethics and Morals.  With this said, C&B not only studies Native American Truths but believes this world would be a much better place if we all walked in Harmony.

The Indigenous People wandered what is now known as the Americas for hundreds of years before the settlers came along. They paid tribute to Mother Earth and ALL of nature.  They only took what was needed from the land and gave back in all ways they could. Truth and Honor was what the Natives held close.

As you start your week, think about what you can do for the Greater GOOD of The World. As you do, you will also experience the Greater GOOD that comes your way.

We CAN Change The World we live in...One GOOD Deed at a time!

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