Santa Fe Art Colony

Written by Deborah Glovier — May 21, 2013

Recently Cowboys&Butterflies had the opportunity to tour the Santa Fe Artist Colony and was overwhelmed by the amount of talent! Below are 3 artists that touched the core of C&B.

Brian Schwary

Brian has been a friend and neighbor since 2007. Having admired his work over the years is an understatement but to know him as a person makes his work that much more powerful and meaningful to C&B. Brian truly is the person that is represented by his art work. Every piece tells stories on multiple different levels and C&B is positive Brian is going to be a powerful force for a long time to come!

Trine Wejp-Olsen

Upon entering Trine's studio there was a flood of emotion running thru the veins of C&B, of course it was the animals but it was more than that. It was Beauty. It was Spiritual. It was Zen. It was just what C&B needed that day! Incredibly excited to find the work of Trine and looking forward to following her artistic journey.

Matt Aston 

There is something about Matt Aston that immediately drew C&B in, of course it was his artistic talent but it was more than that. It was Matt himself. A very large bearded man that openly and passionately spoke of his work. The large scale and texture of his pieces made C&B want to view it multiple times, from multiple angles. Matt is currently working on a series of toy soldiers that C&B will anxiously be looking forward to seeing thru completion...only regret is that more pictures were not taken, looks like the viewing process trumped the picture taking!

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